Essential Oils

If you have allergies than you probably know how unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful they can be. Modern medicine uses different types of medication to help people with allergies. But recently essential oils are used to help people with allergies and to stop them.

Essential oils have been around forever, but recently they have proven themselves to be really effective to combat allergies. They have a lot of soothing effects, they boost the immune system, they clear the blocked sinuses and help you relief the pain. Here are some of the best essential oils that you can use to combat your allergies:

  1. Lavender oil

This essential oil has proven itself to be one of the most effective oils to fight allergies. The essential oil from lavender has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender oil acts as a natural antihistamine. Antihistamine is a type of drug that opposes the activity of histamine receptors in the human body. This way lavender oil provides you relief and soothes the allergy.

Lavender oil remedy:

Put several drops of the essential oil between your palms and rub them together. Put your palms close to your nostrils and then breathe in deeply. If you have constant allergy symptoms then a great way to relief them is to carry cotton pads soaked in lavender oil. You can also try and apply the oil behind the ears, on your forehead and chest.

  1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most efficient essential oils that help relief the allergies symptoms.

This oil has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and can soothe you. It is a potent expectorant and that is the reason behind its helpful effects with coughs and allergies and it promotes the feeling of easy breathing through open airways.

Peppermint oil remedy:

The oil can be applied diffused or ingested. You can diffuse 5 drops of it in water to help you unclog your sinuses. Peppermint oil can also be taken internally . Take 1-2 drops of the oil

  1. Lemon oil

This oil helps your body and your immune system to fight against the allergies. It has properties that prevent bacteria growth.

Lemon oil remedy:

Seen as lemon oil is edible you can diffuse it in water and drink it. One or two drops will be sufficient to help you regulate your pH levels. Its antibacterial properties will help you fight the bacteria in your body but you can also use it around your home, to avoid the allergy triggers.

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is famous for its antibacterial properties. By killing the allergy triggers it makes a perfect allergy fighting “weapon”. You can diffuse it around your home and it will help you get rid of bacteria.

Tea tree oil remedy:

You can apply tea tree oil directly to the skin with a cotton pad. If you have more sensitive skin then be careful, and dilute the oil in water first. When applied straight to the affected areas it will help you calm and soothe the skin.

  1. Basil oil

Basil oil has a lot of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties that will help you fight the allergy symptoms.

Basil oil remedy:

You can consume basil oil with your meal 1-2 drops of it, or you can apply it to the skin.

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