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The Health Benefits Of Foot Massage

Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries as a way to promote health and well being. Today, foot massage is used by millions around the globe as a form of complementary and alternative medicine. Yet many people don’t realize the mass of benefits a foot massage delivers. Many of your internal organ […]

Take A Look At The Amazing Benefits Onions Offer You

Onions (Allium cepa) belong to the lily family, the same family as garlic, leeks, chives, scallions and shallots.There are over 600 species of Allium, distributed all over Europe, North America, Northern Africa and Asia. The plants can be used as ornamentals, vegetables, spices, or as medicine. Onions have been used for medicinal and culinary purposes since prehistoric times. […]

Lower Your Blood Pressure With These Home Remedies

A full 40% of people with high blood pressure don`t even know they have it. 70% of those that do know it, fail to keep it under control. By age 55 an estimated 38% of Americans will have blood pressure over 140/90 and by age 65 it jumps to over 50%. The British have similar […]

8 Amazing Benefits From Guava And Guava Leaves

Guava is a sweet exotic fruit native to Mexico, Central and South America. One guava fruit contains three times the daily vitamin C requirement, potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and lycopene. Whether whole fruit, juice, or jelly, guava is deliciously nutritious. And that’s just the fruit of the tree. Guava and guava leaves have a ton […]

The Amazing Benefits To Consuming Carrots

The juicy carrot is one of the most liked vegetable by millions of people all over the world. It serves as a crunchy addition to salads and is also a healthy choice for snacking. Besides its natural sweetness, delicious taste and revitalizing ability, the vegetable contains very important nutrients that are important for various organs […]

Maintain A Healthy Liver With These Foods

Your liver has many functions and plays a large role in your overall health.  And while outwardly you may feel you are healthy, sometimes your insides can tell a very different story. Monitoring your diet can help keep the liver healthy. Being obese hampers the liver, leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Individuals with the […]

8 Amazing Benefits Of Rosemary

Rosemary is the ‘go-to’ essential oil for many people. It is widely recommended by trained Aromatherapists the world over, to those feeling mentally fatigued but who need to maintain a clear head. Rosemary was one of the earliest plants used in medicine due to its antiseptic properties and its history dates back to its use […]

7 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Teeth whitening treatments are common these days. Most people go to the dentist for professional treatments that involve lasers and bleaching. Others use store brand products such as whitening strips. Others just use whitening toothpaste. However, there is a chemical in toothpaste, which helps prevent gum disease, but can also cause cancer. That chemical is […]

What Is Oil Pulling And Its Benefits

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing oil around in your mouth for a set period of time. It draws out the toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health. Dating back to around 5,000 years ago, oil pulling was originally used for […]

Try The Natural Remedies And Say Bye To Cellulite

A girl’s worst nightmare, cellulite is a skin condition caused by some factors listed below in which the skin appears to look as an orange peel. Cellulite occurs when lumpy fat deposits under your skin. Cellulite is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and nodularity. It can be […]