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Home Remedies For Tooth Pain

When a tooth starting to hurt badly, people forget about all the problems, focusing on one – how to remove the pain. People start looking for toothache remedies that work. Pain can be totally various – from mild pain to the growing and pulsing. It does not give the ability to think about something besides it. This attack can suddenly disappear but sometimes can really damage the whole day. Toothaches can be caused by an infection, cavities, a cracked tooth, a loose filling, jaw joint disorder, an exposed tooth root or gum disease. Minor tooth pain can occur after eating something really hot, cold, or sweet. It can also come with redness of the gums, inflammation, or headaches. The causes of minor toothaches can come from a hole in the tooth, such as a cavity, an infection surrounding your tooth, the decay of a molar, or a cracked or chipped tooth. Other issues that can cause toothaches are sinuses or a piece of food stuck in between two teeth. You may feel:

  • throbbing pain or swelling in or around your tooth or gum
  • fever
  • sharp pain when you touch your tooth or bite down
  • tenderness and achiness in or around your tooth
  • painful sensitivity in your tooth in response to hot or cold foods and drinks
If you are suffering from a toothache, you need to seek the instant advice from your dentist before your problem worsens.
Here are the top home remedies for tooth pain:

Salt and pepper. If the tooth has got a strong sensitivity, the mixture of pepper and salt effectively helps it. To do this, mix pepper and salt in equal parts with water and stir until smooth. Then, apply the paste on the tooth and leave for five minutes. The procedure must be repeated for several days.

Garlic. Antibiotic and a lot of other properties of the plant are effective against bacteria. So, a clove of garlic should be crushed and mixed with black salt or sodium chloride. Next, the mixture is put on the aching tooth. In addition, you can just chew garlic, trying to get to the disturbing tooth. The remedy must be used within a few days.

Cool the swelling. Put a cold compress on the outside of your cheek if you’ve got swelling from the toothache.

Chill the pain. Holding an ice cube or cold water in the mouth may relieve the pain. But if you find that it simply aggravates your sensitive tooth, skip it.

Warm salt water helps you rinse your mouth effectively & also helps you kill the bacteria causing toothache. You add 1/2 spoon of the common salt into a glass of the hot water. Then you use it for rinsing your mouth thoroughly.

Onion has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which help you in controlling a toothache. In addition, it may provide the fast relief from a pain just by killing the germs that cause an infection. To apply onion for relieving toothache pain, you can follow the following directions:

  • When seeing first signs of having a toothache, you can chew the raw onion for some minutes in order to reduce the pain.
  • In case you cannot chew the raw onion, you can place a slice of raw onion onto your bad gum or tooth directly.
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