Make A Simple Banana Tea To Fight Sleep Deprivation

Loss of sleep is a common problem in our modern day society, affecting many individuals at some point in their lives. Although occasional sleep interruptions are generally no more than a nuisance, ongoing lack of sleep can lead to excessive daytime sleepiness, emotional difficulties, poor job performance, obesity and a lowered perception of quality of life. Insomnia …

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Cure Swollen Legs With One Simple Herb

Swollen ankles and swollen feet are common and are often caused by fluid retention, or edema. The cause of the swelling can range from an injury to medical conditions. Swelling of the leg may involve a noticeable distension of the shin or calf, ankles, feet or toes.  Foot swelling may be a common occurrence which most of us will experience at some point in life after a long day …

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Green Tea-Its Wonderful Benefits

Tea is one of the most valued and widely consumed drinks in the world. Besides being a delicious, inexpensive beverage that has no calories, tea has a unique set of natural chemicals that provide various therapeutic benefits. As more research is conducted, tea, specifically black and green, demonstrates significant antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticavity properties. …

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