4 Effective Home Remedies For Cockroaches

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Being the most widespread house pests in the world, roaches are present almost in any country, and may appear in your house, as well. Once these little bugs invade home, they are very hard to get rid of.

Although generally there are almost hundred of various roach species, three main types of roaches can be seen inside buildings: American, Asian and German (white) and wood cockroach. If you look at the pictures, you will learn that small cockroaches are brown-banded and German roaches, while American, Oriental and smoky brown are huge cockroach species. Depending of the type, the insects can be 0.07 inches to 3 inches long. These bugs have prolonged, oval body with six legs and two antennae hairs. Do cockroaches fly? Adult species feature wings, but not all use them (only American roaches are able to glide for some time, while German prefer running, and Asian jump).

There are many products that claim to kill these annoying critters, but most of them are full of harsh chemicals, require you to leave your house for a few days, or leave a toxic residue in the carpet that you wouldn’t want your children or pets to be playing around on.

Instead, there are a number of safer home remedies to get rid of fleas, ants and roaches, using household products and good hygiene practices.



Fill saucers with ½ cup of beer to repel cockroaches. Place them on the floors near their usual entry points.


Soap and water

A very effective killer of cockroaches is soap and water. Although it won’t eliminate the nest, it is an easy way to decrease their number. Pour a cup of water into a spray bottle then add one teaspoon of liquid soap. Spray the mixture on a roach when you see one. It clogs its pores so it won’t be able to breathe and eventually die.

Boric acid

Boric acid is among the commonly used home remedies by many who have experienced pest infestation, wood roaches inclusive. You can either sprinkle it in powder form around areas where the wood roaches dwell or rather prepare a solution which you can spray around using a spray bottle. Alternatively, for effectiveness, you can use it as bait along food sources which the cockroaches feed on. Just apply some on the food materials and place them strategically for the wood roaches to feed on and spread the plague to the rest of the colony.



Catnip is a plant.  Natural non-toxic repellent of cockroaches.  Catnip method should not be used in households with cats.  Dogs are fine, but the home should not have any cats in order to use catnip.
Small amounts (in small porous bags) of catnip can be left in areas of cockroach activity or suspected cockroach presence. Catnip can be cooked gently (simmered) in a small amount of water to make a catnip fluid.  The catnip fluid can be sprayed on cabinets of a kitchen, behind counters, on doorways, etc.


Remember to always keep things tidy and clean- prevention goes a long way.

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