6 Roasted Garlic Cloves Will Heel Your Body In 24 Hours

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Garlic is a popular flavoring agent which is used around the world today. Though it is considered to be a native of Central Asia, it has left its footprints in Mediterranean, European and African cooking as well. In modern times, Garlic has proved to be more than a food ingredient, and a lot of studies have concluded its proven health benefits. China is the largest producer of Garlic followed by India. It is a sturdy plant and is seldom attacked by pests, in fact, it acts as a repellant against most of them.

Very simple and humble garlic is a powerhouse of numerous essential nutrients. It not only has zero cholesterol but also contains 58.6 grams of water in about 100 grams of serving. Following chart displays the complete composition of Garlic per 100 grams of serving in detail.

Garlic is 85% carbohydrates, 12% protein, and just about 3% fats. Around 8% of our daily dietary requirement of fiber and 52% of Vitamin C can be derived from Garlic.

It is a rich source of Vitamin B6 which constitutes 62% of our body’s need.

In the case of trace metals too, garlic proves to have a rich composition which fulfills 84% of Manganese, 20% selenium, 15% copper, 18% Calcium and 9% of Iron requirement.

All these estimates are based on 100 grams raw garlic consumption.

You are certainly surprised by its preventive effects. This powerful food will help your body in just 24 hours. Experts state that if you eat six roasted garlic cloves a day the results are going to be stunning.

After eating six roasted garlic cloves a day you will see these changes in your body:

1st hour – In the first hour the garlic is being digested in the stomach, and like most vegetables it becomes food for your body.

In 2 – 4 hours, the compounds in garlic start to destroy cancer cells!

Within 4 – 6 hours of the Garlic being ingested, the metabolism starts to recognize the helpful properties and it helps to eliminate excess fluids and fats. Garlic does this because it gives your T cells a boost.

6 – 7 hours – the antibacterial properties that garlic has start operating and destroying any bacteria that is found in the system.

6 – 10 hours – the nutrients that are found in garlic, have already provided some effects on cellular level, so the body is not protected from oxidations.

10 – 24 hours – because of the intake of this miraculous vegetable, the body undergoes a process of deep cleansing, which leads to:

– Strengthened immunity;

– Improved strength of the bones;

– Lowered, as well as improved blood pressure;

– Boosted longevity of cells;

– Eliminated fatigue;

– Regulated cholesterol levels;

– Prevention of some cardiovascular issues;

– Prevention of the entrance of some heavy metals in the body;

– Improved of the athletic performance;

So, this is not just a wise, but it is also a recommendation from experts that we should consume this very beneficial food on a daily basis, in order to prevent various diseases and health issues, as well as treat those that already exist.

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