The Best Cancer Fighting Foods

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Good nutrition can have a positive effect on our overall health, but did you know some foods are known for their ability to help prevent cancer?

Here are the best foods to consume for fighting cancer:


In terms of fighting off cancer, cabbage contains many antioxidants, one that is known as sulforaphane that helps to fight the multiplication of cells, and thus prevents cancer cell growth. Cabbage also contains a powerful fermentable bacteria that acts as a probiotic known as Lactobaccilli. Lactobaccilli is one of many powerful disease-fighting types of good bacteria that occurs in several natural foods. Taking care of your gut is crucial to a healthy immune system which fights cancer from the inside out. Cabbage is also an incredibly source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that improves immunity. Cabbage’s vitamin C content increases during the fermentation process because this breaks down the cell walls and makes it easier to digest.



Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion have been found to give a boost to the immune cells that fight pancreas, breast, colorectal, intestinal, and esophagus cancers. The sulfur compounds found in garlic (which gives it its odor and flavor) can also help slow the speed of tumor development. Few clinical trials have focused on the positive effects of garlic on fighting cancer, however several population studies back up the fact that garlic is one of the most powerful common plants to fight cancer.

Onions and other bulbous plants in the same family — namely leeks and chives — have also been shown to reduce the risk of stomach and colon cancer.

Drink green tea

The research on how powerful green tea is at preventing breast cancer is mixed, but one study found that among women under the age of 50, those who consumed three or more cups of green tea per day were 37 percent less likely to develop breast cancer compared to women who didn’t drink tea. Green tea contains a number of antioxidants, and in laboratory studies it’s been shown to slow or completely prevent cancer development in breast cells. Enjoy up to five cups of freshly brewed hot or iced tea, and if you need a sweetener add a splash of 100 percent fruit juice instead of sugar or the artificial stuff.






Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and other berries are known for great taste and for being loaded with fiber and vitamin C—and for their antioxidant compounds, which are known for protecting and repairing cells damaged by effects of cancer. It is also believed that compounds in berries can boost immunity.
Various berries contain polyphenols, which include the powerful antioxidants ellagic acid and anthocyanins. According to the Stanford Health Improvement Program (HIP) of Stanford University’s Prevention Research Center, “The two most widely studied cancer-fighting compounds in berries are ellagic acid (richest in strawberries and raspberries) and anthocyanosides (richest in blueberries). Ellagic acid is believed to help prevent skin, bladder, lung, and breast cancers, both by acting as an antioxidant and by slowing the reproduction of cancer cells. The anthocyanosides in blueberries are currently the most powerful antioxidants known to scientists and are beneficial in the prevention of all types of cancer.”

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