The Best Home Remedies To Reduce Large Pores

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Pores are the small dots or tiny openings visible in the surface area of your skin. Pores helps to keep your skin moisturized and supple by providing it with oil, which is present in a gland that is found at the bottom of the pore. The gland is called sebaceous gland or the oil gland.

Open or enlarged pores are one of the most common beauty problems, especially in people with oily skin. They are unsightly and can make you look dull and aged. Tighter and smaller pores reflect light better, making the skin look younger and healthier.

Here are some of the best remedies that will help you shrink your pores:

Aloe Vera 

Use aloe gel straight as a facial mask. It’s a natural astringent and its emollient properties will help cleanse and reduce pore size as well as moisturize your skin. Squeeze the gel from one or two leaves and rub it gently with your fingers across your face. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, just until it dries, and then rinse well with cool water and pat your face dry. You will notice a difference in your pore size and your skin will feel soft and smooth.



Sugar is an excellent exfoliating agent that helps unclogged your skin. Crush two tablespoons of sugar. Add water and the juice of half a lemon. Smear the paste on skin with clogged pores. Massage it gently in a circular motion for about five minutes. Wash it off with cool water and moisturize. Do this regimen once a week for clear pores.


Honey and yogurt

While yogurt passes lactic acid to skin and contributes in exfoliating and cleansing dead skin cells from skin, honey being rich in potassium properties aids in neutralizing the presence of bacteria from the skin pores. Thus, this mask help cleaning clogged pores and tightening skin tone, leaving your skin softer, smoother and reduced pores.

Mix enough amount of yoghurt and honey to form a smooth face pack and apply all over your face and neck. Wash off the face pack once it dries completely with plain water.

Egg white

The egg white can help to dry the skin from greasiness. When there is less oil then the pores get reduced. The debris and impurities do not stick to the skin and your skin feels free and fresh. Whites of eggs unclog the pores and lighten the tone of your skin.

Butter milk

Butter milk is a folk remedy for tightening enlarged pores. Besides lightening your skin tone, regular application of butter milk on skin will considerably tighten open pores. The astringent substances contained in butter milk do the trick.

Dip clean cotton in butter milk and gently rub it all over your facial skin. Rinse off with plain water after half an hour. Butter milk can also be mixed with table salt. Wait until the salt gets completely dissolved in buttermilk. Rub this solution over skin and rinse off using warm water.

Clay mask

This clay mask should be applied once a week and should be prepared a day in advance. In this way, the clay can make your pores breath better and remove dirt and grease from them. It will also help absorb excess oil. It reduces enlarged pores because it cleans them.

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