The Best At Home Snoring Remedies

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There are several different causes for snoring and in some cases it can be caused by a blocked nose or other sinus difficulty. However in the majority of cases snoring will come from the throat and this can result in the kind of loud trumpet-like snoring that can wake up your entire household. At the same time though snoring is also a problem for you as it can be a sign of apnea meaning that you may stop breathing in the night causing you to wake up and even risking suffocation in extreme cases, and it can also mean that you are not getting the same quality of sleep so you are likely to wake up and still feel tired or not have the same alertness during the day. So if your partner’s nagging isn’t motivation enough there are still reasons to make sure you solve the problem.

Overweight people tend to snore more loudly. Losing weight helps reduce the fatty tissue at the back of the throat and thus reduces snoring.
Suffering from a bad cold or a stuffy nose makes it difficult to breathe. This creates a vacuum in the throat, which in turn leads to snoring. Using nasal sprays helps to clear out the blocked nasal passage and makes it easier to breathe.
Sleeping at odd hours can worsen one’s snoring. Having fixed and a regular sleeping routine helps promote better quantity and quality of sleep.

Avoid smoking as smokers tend to suffer from a higher chance of snoring.

These are some of the home remedies that can help you with snoring:

Change The Sleeping Position


This is the first out of the best home remedies for snoring in women and men that I would like to release in this entire article.
According to experts, sleep in the supine position in a regular basis can lead to snoring. The cause of this is that when you sleep in the supine position, the jaw tends to delay, making your mouth open and easier to snore. Instead, sleep on the side posture will help to limit this.

In addition, you should also raise your pillow higher so that the air will flow through the throat more easily in a straight line. This approach can also help to limit the snoring disability!


Salt Plus Water


Allergies, infections and sinus infection can contribute to snoring by causing the inner lining of your nose to swell. This swelling can make the soft palate to expand and block the airways when you go to sleep thus creating the sound of snoring.

Avoid alcohol or sleeping tablets

Both alcohol and sleeping tablets are depressants and relaxants meaning that your muscles relax as a result. If you use either before bed then this can make your throat more likely to collapse on itself and may be causing your throat snoring.


Snoring juice

2 apples of any type

2 carrots

1/4 of a lemon

1 inch stick of ginger

Combine the above ingredients into a juicing machine and simply blend them together.

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