A Detox Procedure To Get Rid Of Toxins From Your Fat Cells

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Toxins have the ability to disrupt, and negatively impact, normal physiological and bodily functions. Whether we’re talking endotoxins – the toxins that lines our bacterial cell wall; or exotoxins – those secreted by bacteria – they can cause all types of ailments, including diseases. Toxins can also increase the risk of cancer.

The lymphatic system’s beginning is called the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT). It surrounds the intestinal tract and is called the most important half inch of the body. Here, the villi (lacteals) absorb and process both types of fats from the food, the nutritional and toxic ones. The ¼ inch of the inside of the intestinal wall must have the mucus membranes performing normally, and the ¼ inch of the outside of the gut should not be blocked.

The lymphatic system around the gut will lead the absorbed fats to the liver where they will be separated. The good fats will start making cholesterol, cell membranes, hormones, brain cells, skin, etc. The toxic fats will be processed and marked for elimination. However, if the lymphatic system is blocked, this process is compromised.

The usual symptoms of a congested GALT affecting the lymphatic system include elimination problems, excess belly fat, bloating, skin irritation, itching, swollen limbs, swollen breasts, tenderness (especially during the menstrual cycle), hypersensitivity, headaches and joint stiffness.


Get fit– be active, workout and the toxins will sweat off.

Detox– detox the liver off congestion. Use and eat only clean and raw items.

Eat well– eat more fiber, fruits, crucifer veggies, whole grains (quinoa, teff, oatmeal). Avoid gluten and milk to avoid inflammation.

Relax- stress makes more health issues than you think! It interferes with the nutrients in the gut and fat exchanges. It might cause inflammation of the GALT too.

Cleanse The Liver and Gall Bladder

Here’s what we’ll need:

– 1 large grapefruit OR 3 lemons

– ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil

– 4 tablespoons (TBSP) of Epsom Salt

– Apple juice OR supplements w/ malic acid

Step 1:

– 4-6 days before starting this cleanse, drink as much apple juice (or eat as many apples) as possible. On the last two days of this time window, drink 8 ounces of apple juice every 3 hours.

Step 2 (first day):

Between 2 to 3 pm, dissolve 4 TBSP of Epsom salts with 2-3 glasses of water. DO NOT DRINK. Pour into a container suitable for refrigeration.

Step 3:

Approximately 4 hours after completing Step 2, drink a ¾ cup of the Epsom salt/water mix. (Optional: add ¼ TBSP of Vitamin C powder to sweeten the flavor). Read Step 4.

Step 4:

Repeat Step 3 approximately 2 hours later. Read Step 5.

Step 5:

3-4 hours after completing Step 3, pour a half-cup of extra virgin olive oil. Squeeze the grapefruit or lemons into the oil. Close the jar and mix well. DO NOT DRINK, but immediately continue to Step 6.

Step 6:

15-30 minutes after completing Step 5, drink. For optimal results, this entire mixture should be consumed within 5 minutes. Sleep.

Step 7:

Upon waking up, drink another ¾ cup of the Epsom salt/water mix and rest. Wait 2 hours and then read Step 8.

Step 8 (final):

Drink what remains of the Epsom salt/water mix. Wait 2 hours. Afterwards, you may continue your normal eating routine except for fruits.

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