Keep Lemon Slices In Your Bedroom-You Will Be Amazed

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Juicy, acidic, yet flavorful, lemon is one of the most widely used citrus fruits worldwide. Lime, a close relative, is comparatively smaller and possesses thinner skin.

Botanically, this citrus fruit belongs to the family of Rutaceae, in the genus, Citrus (which also includes orange, pomelo, tangerine, and grapefruit). Scientific name: Citrus limon. It is the smallest among citrus fruits, nevertheless, holds more health benefiting nutrients than other larger citrus family fruits such as oranges, yuzu, pomelo (Citrus maxima), etc.

Lemons are packed with numerous health benefiting nutrients. The fruit is less in calories, carrying just 29 calories per 100 g, the value being one of the lowest for the citrus fruits group.

They contain zero saturated fats or cholesterol. Nonetheless are an excellent source of dietary fiber (7.36% of RDA). Lemon is one of the very low glycemic fruits.

Lemon’s acidic taste is because of citric acid. Citric acid constitutes up to 8% in its juice. Citric acid is a natural preservative, aids in smooth digestion, and helps dissolve kidney stones.

Lemons, like other fellow citrus fruits, are an excellent source of vitamin-C (ascorbic acid); provides about 88% of daily recommended intake. Ascorbic acid is a potent water-soluble natural anti-oxidant. This vitamin is helpful in preventing scurvy. Besides, consumption of foods rich in vitamin-C helps the human body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood.

Lemons, like oranges, contain a variety of phytochemicals. Hesperetin, naringin, and naringenin are flavonoid glycosides commonly found in citrus fruits

Stress Relief


Some slices of lemon beside the bed take care of all the stress. Science has proved that the smell of lemons relaxes your mind and all the emotions.


Improve Focus

Your mind revolves around all negative things at night, well then you need to focus on the positive things and lemons will help you do that.


Increased Energy In The Morning

Those slices of lemons will make waking up in the morning less painful. The smell of lemon boosts your brain’s serotonin level and reduces the morning blues.

Better Breathing

Every time you try to sleep with a stuffy nose, you are reminded of the times you took the simple pleasure of breathing for granted. Luckily, for those less-than-clear moments, we can call on lemons. Just let the gentle scent of that anti-oxidizing, anti-bacterial fruit waft through your nostrils and sleep.

Blood Pressure Reduction

Lemon aroma reduces blood pressure. Considering 32% of all Americans suffer from high blood pressure, that makes lemon one handy fruit for a lot of people.

Weight loss

Add 2 drops of lemon essential oil in a glass of water and drink it 3 times daily to boost your metabolism and lose extra pounds.

Air Freshener

If you want your house to smell refreshing, just cut a few lemons in half and leave them in a bowl overnight. When you wake up the next day, the air will be fresh. They will do a better job than those expensive and headache-causing air-fresheners.

Eliminates Goo

Use this oil to remove the sticky goo left behind with stickers and gum.

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