These Powerful Natural Antibiotics Will Switch Your Medications Out

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Antibiotics are mainly prescribed doctors to fight infections and in many cases it can save lives, However most antibiotics are quite expensive and can weaken your natural immune system. And the problem lies in the fact that over the years the microorganisms, now called ‘super bugs’ have become resistant to antibiotics and their effects.

There are three major factors which brought to the development of this antibiotic resistance. They are:

  • Antibiotics are often prescribed for viral infections, against which they have no effect.

  • Antibiotics are often prescribed to kill a large spectrum of various bacteria and not killing more specifically the bacteria responsible for the disease.

  • Incorrect use of antibiotics


The nature is not short of powerful antibiotics that are as great as chemical antibiotics with no side effects at all, Read on this article to find out the top most powerful natural antibiotics that can help you live a healthier life.


Natural honey that is produced 100 percent by honey pees was shown to be very effective as a natural antibiotic for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Unlike chemical antibiotics, honey if taken daily it helps boosting the immune system and protect your body against seasonal cold and flu and other infections.


Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic! And more, it doesn’t kill healthy bacteria. Unlike chemical antibiotics, garlic is an effective natural antibiotic and is also a great antifungal and antiviral. Garlic can help staph and strep infections. Interestingly, these germs are resistant to traditional antibiotics. Just a few cloves of garlic daily is said to prevent various bacteria and virus related illnesses plus speed recovery of infections.

For garlic to be effective, it needs to be taken raw. Some also believe that it should also be crushed and exposed to air for ten minutes before it’s consumed. Air exposure is said to activate its germ-killing compounds.

Habanera Peppers

Habanera Peppers can be used for treating a variety of disorders. Due to capsaicin, these peppers can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, fight obesity and even prevent prostate cancer.


Along the culinary properties, turmeric abounds in many healing qualities. It is a powerful antibacterial agent that prevents many infections.



Horseradish is naturally antibacterial and anti-parasitic, and it stimulates your immune system. It has warming properties and acts as an expectorant, so it’s a potent herb for your sinuses and lungs. It helps open up your sinus passages and increases circulation there, which is where the common cold and influenza commonly begins.

Colloidal Silver

This natural antibiotic reduces the oxygenation ability of one-celled bacteria, causing them the inability to multiply. Colloidal silver is used most often as an extract, and is particularly effective in treating bacterial infections of the mucous membranes.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Acrylic and lauric acids found in coconut oil are well-known as antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal. You can incorporate extra virgin coconut oil into your diet by using it as a cooking oil, or simply taking a tablespoon per day.

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