A Simple And Healthy Weekend Detox Plan

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The very toxic environment we live in and the chemically treated food we eat go a long way in damaging our bodies severely and causing ill health and non reversible diseases in the youth of today, let alone the elderly. Some of the common pointers to the cell-malfunctions we should watch out for include: headaches, skin issues, allergies, muscle soreness (not from working out), vision loss, hair loss, body odor, yeast infections, slow healing, digestive issues, cavities, trouble focusing, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, back pain, high blood pressure, joint pain etc.

The modern lifestyle is often blamed as the cause for our bodies to be overwhelmed. Toxic food systems, polluted air and water, and environment make cleansing the body more important now than ever. The burden of over-pollution may be responsible for deleterious effects on the immune system, a scenario which makes us highly susceptible to chronic degenerative diseases.

A basic cleansing diet should make you feel a lot better and give your body a chance to rest from overindulging. If you want to eliminate toxins from your life, and you don’t have too much time or money, this 48 hour detox plan will come in very handy.

Detox is very important, especially in the time of common cold and flu, since our immune system is weak during the winter. Returning your energy and strengthening the immunity can be very easy, you just need a few things.

This treatment will protect five vital organs, liver, lungs, lymph, kidneys and intestines.


You can use this basic cleansing diet whenever you feel that the excesses of eating, drinking and partying are damaging your health, but never exceed the two-day limit.

This weekend detox plan is easy to follow and it’s really efficient.

Here is what you need to do:

After you wake up, drink 250 ml lukewarm water.


Breakfast: warm water, 200 ml almond milk or diet yogurt, fresh blueberries 1/2 cup, a cup of oat flakes and a spoonful of linseed, 250 ml Greek yogurt or green tea.

Lunch: 250 ml. water, Swiss chard and olive oil + potato, a small banana and a slice of melon, 2 cups of salad (tomato, green, and arugula), 250 grilled hake.

Snack: 250 ml. water, 180 ml yogurt, an apple, ¼ cup pumpkin seeds.

Dinner: 250 ml water or anise tea, 2 cups of salad (lemon juice and olive oil too), 1/2 cup steamed veggies (spinach and broccoli),  green smoothie, made of spinach celery, banana and apple


Breakfast: 1 cup oat flakes, a spoonful of linseed,  200 ml almond milk or diet yogurt, a pear and green tea.

Snack: grapefruit

Lunch: water 250 ml, veggie soup (pepper, beans, potato, carrot, onion, celery), pickles 150 g, 200 g grilled chicken.

Dinner: green smoothie (made of almonds, banana, berries, spinach, kale, and cucumber) , beets, and carrots with lemon juice, nettle tea.

This is the weekend detox plan, so if you have the mentioned symptoms, we recommend you to make this simple detox plan. You are going to feel much better and have many health benefits.


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