Top 10 Ways to Fight Pollen

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Unfortunately, many people around the globe are allergic to pollen. Here are the top 10 ways to fight pollen:

1. Close the window- although it makes sense, the first step to keep pollen of your body is to keep it off your house. So the first thing you need to do is close the windows. And don’t use window fans for they will bring the pollen right where you don’t want it.

2. Even though it is warm outside, don’t dry your clothes naturally, on the sun-  that is how the pollen will get stuck on the fabrics and you will bring the allergen into your home or into your nose or onto your skin. Use the dryer and be free of pollen.

3. I know it is hard to stay home during the warm and sunny spring afternoons, but you need to concentrate your walks in the evening for then pollen is settled back to the ground.

4. If you love to have plants in your yard and you are allergic to pollen, well then, plant ground cover plants or mosses because they don’t have pollen, so your yard will stay as pollen-free environment as possible.

5. Keep the lawn mowed for shorter the lawn lesser the pollen. Also, if you see that your pet goes around high lawn or plays in it, stay away from it for it will bring pollen right at you. 

6. Install apps on your mobile phone for “high in pollen days” and plan the day according to the pollen levels in the air. Become friends with the rainy days and plan your activities on those days because rain can keep the pollen on the ground.

7. Use the natural filters of your nose and breathe on your nose. It has protective properties especially against allergens, and your mouth doesn’t have any.

8. Eat anti- allergenic food, like apples, garlic, flaxseeds, green tea… They can suppress the immunoglobulin response that causes allergic reactions. 

9. Keep the plants outside, for they can bring the pollen directly to your bedroom. 

10. Use air purifiers for cleaning the air of pollen. Also clean your home more often especially the surfaces and floors. 

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