Top 5 Ways to Manage Claustrophobia

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Claustrophobia is an intense fear of being enclosed in a small space or room without having an escape. These top 5 ways to manage claustrophobia will help you with the symptoms like nausea, lightheadedness, confusion, tightness in the chest, excessive sweating, elevated heart rate for they can have a major impact on your life style and health:

  1. Changing the habits- You need to understand that claustrophobia is not something that can be won like “fire with fire”. So change the way you live, eat, travel, and add some relief to that troubled mind of yours. You can help yourself by avoiding the rush hours for traveling, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, traveling by train instead of air…
  2. Simple breathing exercises will be the first thing a professional will tell you about. Because usually the first and the worst symptom is difficulty breathing, exercising deep breathing while on adrenaline will prepare you for the worst case scenario.
  3. Meditation can be a powerful remedy against the claustrophobia symptoms for it can help you center your thoughts which will lead to dismissing the crippling fear and reducing the stress hormone levels in the body.
  4. Vitamins B are essential in maintaining a healthy nervous system function. Vitamin B 6 especially will provide a panic- free environment, and a normal physical and mental function. If you think that the amounts you take from nuts, spinach, seafood, shellfish, whole grains and poultry are not enough for you, you can always add some extra pills of Vitamin B- Complex.
  5. Many anxiety disorders are connected to low magnesium levels in the body. Claustrophobia as such disorder may quickly expend the magnesium levels in your body, as an excess stressed and hyperventilation process, so make sure you intake larger doses of magnesium which can be found, besides pills, in beans, seeds, fish, dark chocolate, yogurt and whole grains.
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