Top 7 Ways to Cope With Loss and Grief

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You have lost someone close to you and you just can’t get back on the track? Here are the top 7 ways to cope with loss and grief

  1. Talk with others- What people usually do after losing someone they loved is to withdraw into them, trying to hide the pain they are experiencing. But reaching out to others will provide a support network and outside perspective. Many of us have experienced similar things, so understanding the situation and taking advices can only lead to a positive conclusion.
  2. Stay away from medications- Don’t use mind altering chemicals, for feeling numb will never help you with the pain but will make even more problems for you. Instead of enjoying your life, it could have you serving Tampa Florida with your valuable time, trying to get yourself detoxed. Couple of beers to get into that relaxing mode is ok, but sleeping over the weekends drugged or drunk is another. Drugs and alcohol will not make your pain go away, but will lead to a health disturbance. Don’t use anti- depressants or anti- anxiety medications. If you still feel like you need a help from a “magic pill” use some natural herbal remedies, like chamomile tea, valerian root, lavender, passion flower… They will help you as much as the pills can, but the positive thing is, you will not get addicted to them.
  3. Another sort of help is meditation. Meditation doesn’t mean cutting yourself of the world, running with your thoughts down the memory lane…no, meditation is about identifying the sense of self that you posses and finding out what truly makes you thick. If you succeed to keep your mind relaxed during the process of meditation, then you are on the right track.
  4. After handling a tragic lost we all feel like we want to get away as far as possible. And that could be a good thing. Pack some things and go traveling. New places and new people will make you understand that life goes on, and help you move on.
  5. Work out- I know, grieving people feel like they have no more power left in them, but that is not true. When grieving, you mind is the one that can’t understand the situation and you can help it by working out. When you go for a heavy and hard running, your mind will have no other choice than to help your body through the crises so it will change focus. And that is a good thing in those moments filled with tears.
  6. The person you loved is no longer here! That is sad. But don’t you think he/she would want you to stay healthy? Grieving will make you stop sleeping, eating, working out…That is a normal response to the tragedy. But you need to get back with your life fast, for you will get sick.
  7. See a professional if you can’t get back on track by yourself. There is nothing wrong of going to see professional, that’s what they do- help people with similar problems. And you think you are the only one out there who has lost someone dear? Think again!
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