Top 7 Ways to Prevent Gangrene

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When a part of your body is cut off from the blood supply, gangrene may occur. Here are the top 7 ways to prevent gangrene:

  1. Hydration: The most important thing we should always have in mind is drinking water. Water is the essential component of our system, so if you want to stay healthy- stay hydrated. Hydrated body will have a proper system function, a regulated blood pressure, improved fluid balance and improved circulation and also increased efficiency of the immune system.
  2. Fruits: Although we always mention fruits as healthy food, the sugars they contain may worsen the blood flowing in the tissues. Reducing fruits or cutting them off of your diet will help you prevent or treat gangrene better.
  3. Vegetables: Not like the fruits, vegetables will make your vitamin and mineral intake correct, adding antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties to the immune system that fights gangrene.
  4. Beans: Eating high natural protein foods like beans will speed up the healing process and the blood flow, but also prevent the necrosis.
  5. Fatty fish: Fatty fish will help you improve circulation and blood flow. It is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, a great anti- inflammatory natural substance, which will protect the infected wound get out of control. Eat salmon, tuna, mackerel, lake trout, herring… They will make miracles to your body.
  6. Eat high protein foods: Eat yogurt, eggs, nuts, chicken, pork, turkey… High protein income in your body will help your body build new cells or power the existing cells to function properly. But, stay away from soy, for new researches show that soy can promote the spread of gangrene, because of the impact it has on the hormone levels.
  7. Herbs: Some herbs have anti- inflammatory properties and they can improve the blood circulation in your body, giving the gangrene a “hard kick”. Use Butcher’s Broom, Echinacea, Olive leaf if you want to eliminate swelling and pathogens. Olive leaf extract applied to the wound will work quickly on the infections preventing gangrene.
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